ParentPay Q&A and support

Q: What is the price? (Years 1-6 only)

A: Meals will be free to all children in Year R to 2 and those entitled to Free School Meals. They will cost £2.30 for children in Year 3 - 6.

Q: What is the cut off time for ordering? (Years 1-6 only)

A: Meals can be ordered up to 8am on the day that you require a meal.

Q: How do I order meals? (Years 1-6 only)

A: Please complete one of the three stages mentioned in the letter to activate your account. Once complete, you can log into ParentPay and then click “Book Meals” or the knife and fork symbol. Then navigate through the ordering process. If you cannot see “Book Meals” you may need to complete one of the three activation stages.

Q: I am having problems with Parent Pay – what should I do? (All Years)

A: ParentPay have a dedicated area for parents to request support.

If you still require help, you should contact Culinera during the Christmas holidays via their website

Q: I am not seeing the money I have paid onto ParentPay on my school meals account, or it says I am overdrawn, when I shouldn’t be. (All Years)

A: We use ParentPay to collect school dinner money and to allow for pre-ordering. ParentPay is also used by the school to pay for school activities, trips etc. When you top up money through ParentPay, you can either pay when selecting your meals which will automatically assign the funds to your catering account. If you add money from the home screen it will only assign the money to ParentPay, you then need to click on this transaction and assign it to your school dinner account. Otherwise the money will just simply stay on the main ParentPay account which neither Culinera or the School have access to.


Q: What do I do if my child is absent from School? (Years 1-6 only)

A: Please cancel your meal online before 0800. Failing that, the Primary school reception team can arrange to cancel the meal up to 0930. After this time, the kitchen will start cooking your meal and it is likely your child will be charged for their meal.

Q: Where will my child be eating? (Years 1-6 only)

A: We will be reviewing this on an ongoing basis. Year R, 1 and 2 will be eating in the main dining room. Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be either eating in their classrooms or the Carmelite Hall. This may change as we adjust to demand.


Q: My child has an allergy or dietary need. (Years 1-6 only)

A: You must inform Culinera using the following form: This needs to be done even if the school and the previous caterers had this information. Once this form is submitted, the Culinera team will be happy to discuss any dietary needs with you and come back to you with more information.

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