Food for Year 7 through to Year 13

Culinera are really excited to welcome you to our restaurant at CGS, but whilst we are adhering to social distancing measures the service will be reduced, however still packed with flavour. You will be able to choose from a wide range of hot and cold options which have been freshly cooked in the kitchen by the great team. Options include stretched ‘sourdough’ pizza, hot pots and layered desserts.

Secondary students will have access to the restaurant at break and at lunch time and will have the flexibility to purchase a variety of items including hot and cold meal deals as well as snack items and breakfast (at break time). Students who are entitled to Free School Meals can have ANY two items (apart from two cakes).

Image by Ella Olsson

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Do you have a special diet or allergy?

At Culinera, we use a wide range of ingredients with many of our products containing allergens. As such, there may be traces of various allergens present across our product range.

Our Allergy Champions can help you make a choice. Culinera, Allergy Champions are wearing pink badges. 

We are a cashless 


You will need to be registered on ParentPay if you or your child wishes to purchase any items from the restaurant.  Your child will not be able to purchase items in the dining halls without sufficient credit on their account and they will not be able to pay for items using cash or cheque at the time of purchase.


Once you have paid for meal credit, you will see a ‘Dinner money balance’ next to the child’s name.  Please note, if you have more than one child, you will need to purchase credit for EACH of your children for them to be able to purchase meal items.

We accept ApplePay, AndroidPay and card payments in the sixth form.

Free school

If your child is currently entitled to Free School Meals, then they will receive a meal up to the daily allowance of £2.30. Parents of secondary children entitled to FSM can purchase extra meal credit if you wish your child to purchase additional items such as snacks. The £2.30 free meal daily amount cannot be rolled over to another day.


To check if your child is eligible for Free School Meals, click on the link here.